I am a mostly emotionless robot that heavily favors communicating in gif/emoji instead of verbally because I dunnae people well at thae start.  I like words though.  So I use those too.  

Some of them are here.  A lot of them are never going to see the light of day unless I’m taking them to a fire.  But that’s the craft, like any other.  A constant learning, honing, fucking the fuck up and a bit of refinement.

Here is where the writing exercises I try my hand at are posted (a good many slung out there by Chuck Wendig).  Sandbox adventures make a showing here.  If I’m not playing in a sandbox of my own design, I visit other sandboxes for a wee while.  Hopefully without getting tossed out of them.

I’ve spent a number of years figuring out things post my late-in-life diagnosis of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.  And those words will be here too. Learning that I have been living with MS explained a fuck ton about a period of life where things increasingly didnae make sense.

I also learned later in life that I am neuro-divergent-it looks like I’m autistic – so I’m figuring that out too.  And that has explained a fuck ton about my growing up and navigating my life. 

I’ll sometimes say I’m glitching, that muh emotion chip is malfunctioning/compromised. It’s been the best way to describe myself, describe a natural state. Augmented as I found myself relating hard to characters like Spock, Data, etc.  

The manner in which they were initially received made me feel less alone.  And I liked the idea that somewhere out there, there’d be folx that would be willing tae be patient for the caution and protective systems to see them as not a threat or vector for harm.  Take that natural state, mix wi’ it some trauma, methods tae survive that trauma and thae result is thae well-honed skill of disconnecting feelings. There’s been long-term consequences. See, I dunnae have muh shit completely taegether.


SJ Mcquillan, or ‘Stabbity’ McQuillan [Desire for thae return of Hatpins INTENSIFIES] or Pocket Heck is: Mostly emotionless robot; People’s somewhat decently, but that is a slow burn; Emoji/gifs help tremendously in social situations; Ascribes tae Do no harm, but dunnae take any bullshit.

*Also workshop. I have a workshop.  Wherein I make things and surprised the fuck outta myself discovering that yes I would like to spend hours making things.  I’ll even deal wi thae sanding portion of a woodworking project; I suspect that is because I lack a standalone sander. For now.

** I am a cussy individual.

***Ace, Disabled, Neurodivergent, Autistic, they/them/she/her

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