I write things.  The main focus is a NaNoWriMo endeavor and seeing it through to completion.  When I’m not devoting time to that, I write other things, and when I’m not doing that, I like to build things.  Given I have two days a week off, I don’t get the chance to do all of those things during those two days.  But I’m OK with that.  When it’s time to go to work, I still feel like I accomplished something…most days.  I miss the mark sometimes.

Right now, the other writ things will likely be response to quick flash fiction challenges, posted here.  Sandbox adventures will hopefully make a showing.  If I’m not playing in a sandbox of my own design, I visit other sandboxes for a wee while.  Hopefully without getting tossed out of them.

I’ve found that I can get lost on the Tweety and Tumblr because I’ve found so many great voices there.  It’s hard to not keep scrolling and reading.  As I said, two days for my own machinations aren’t ever enough.  Doubt anyone feels like something they’ve manage to have for themselves in this world is ever ‘enough.’

It’s taken well over a decade to know that writing for me is so much more than I relegated it to.  So now I learn about the balancing act that is a full time gig and stop writing in my head.  Sounds like an adventure that I’m probably in no way prepared for.  There’s always catharsis by way of the workshop.

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