I often refer to myself as a mostly emotionless robot.  I’ll sometimes kid about a malfunctioning emotion chip or a compromised one.  It’s pretty much a natural progression from relating hard with characters like Data, Spock.  Basically the manner in which they were initially received made me feel less alone.  And I liked the idea that somewhere out there, there’d be folx that would be willing to be patient.  For the caution and protective systems to see them as not a threat or vector for harm.


I am a mostly emotionless robot that heavily favors communicating in gif/emoji instead of verbally.  That, however, is not a readily accepted form of communication in the workplace.  I like words though.  So I used those too.  Also workshop.*

Some of them are here.  A lot of them are never going to see the light of day unless I’m taking them to a fire.  But that’s the craft, like any other.  A constant learning, honing, fucking the fuck up and a bit of refinement.

I posted here the writing exercises I try my hand at- good many slung out there by Chuck Wendig.  Sandbox adventures make a showing here.  If I’m not playing in a sandbox of my own design, I visit other sandboxes for a wee while.  Hopefully without getting tossed out of them.

It’s taken well over a decade to know that writing for me is so much more than I relegated it to.  So now I learn about the balancing act that is a full time gig and stop writing in my head.  Sounds like an adventure that I’m probably in no way prepared for.

*I have a workshop.  Wherein I make things and surprised the fuck outta myself discovering that yes I would like to spend hours making things.  And no, I don’t have a favorite tool in the shop.  Because they’re all favored.

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